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Worry-Free Wednesdays

We know that getting everyone to sit down at the dinner table every night isn't always possible. The hustle and bustle of today's hectic world has led to less family dinners and more trips through the drive-through.


Long days at work, running the kids to and from sports practices,

dance recitals, and just the day to day errands doesn't leave much time for home cooked meals.


At Perfectly Seasoned Catering we believe family should always come first and that means fresh meals with home cooked flare.

Every Wednesday we offer a chef inspired meal for your family, 
no matter the size! Meals are prepared hot to take home that evening and enjoy, with pick-up available anytime between 4 pm and 7 pm.


▪ Join our email club and don't miss a week! Signup Here

▪ On Thursday's a menu will be posted on our Facebook page with

   the details of that weeks menu.

▪ Pricing for meals usually range between $10 and

   $20 per person depending on what is on the menu that week.

▪ Our meals usually consist of a main entrée,

   a few sides, and a dessert. However we do like tossing in a few       themed meals once in a while!

▪ Tax is not included, but will be charged at the time of payment.

▪ We accept cash, checks, and cards for payment.


Orders can be placed via email,

phone, Facebook, or online using the following link:

PS To-Go Online Order NOW!

Phone: 815-242-7744



Don't forget to

order extra so you can have leftovers!

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